Pierce Elementary School

pierce elementary school

Imagine a school which…

Is truly experiential.

Where all the spaces, outdoors and indoors, are designed as potential dynamic learning environments. Where students can touch, smell, feel and experience the world through all their senses. Where they can cultivate the land, cook, create simple and complex constructions, experiment with a wide array of materials, both simple and complex, and program modern technological devices.

A school where students’ curiosity is sparked and their imagination is unleashed. Where they can transform their mistakes into valuable learning experiences, reflect on the outcomes of their choices, solve everyday problems, and understand the world around them through hands-on experiences, as well as redesign it according to their vision.

Imagine a school which…

Is truly collaborative.

Where students, starting from the first class of kindergarten and continuing till the last year of Elementary School, are systematically trained and experience every learning opportunity, through collaboration and the positive interaction of the team. Where they are taught daily to apply in practice valuable social skills. Where interdependence among team members is promoted so that they can learn that we rise by lifting others. Where they approach every goal through individual and collaborative responsibility, resolve their conflicts in a democratic way, work as a team to promote the success of one individual and simultaneously each student works for the benefit of the group.

A school where students learn and develop, literally, by holding each other’s hand. Where the student memories are not selective but have the color, the variety and the dynamic of the unique personality of each classmate.

Imagine a school which…

Is truly environmental.

Where students work through various experiential activities and actions, field trips, scientific collaborations and constructions. They foster international collaborations, in order to understand the diverse but connected points of view that make for a sustainable environment. Where, starting with their school, their neighborhood, their city and reaching the entire world, have a good grasp of their personal responsibility and gradually form new perceptions, attitudes and daily practices. Where they are trained to be able to live as conscientious and responsible citizens, today, and not in an unknown future, for the protection of our natural world.

A school designed in such a way that its facilities will gradually succeed in attaining zero environmental footprint, where the educational and administrative operation is digital, where the environmentally responsible behavior isn’t just another theory but the only daily possibility and choice. For a sustainable tomorrow, for all.

Imagine a school which…

Has a truly uniform educational design.

Where the cognitive goals in the lessons and all experiential programs are carefully designed for every class, are systematically assessed in multiple and diverse ways as far as their implementation is concerned, so that the pursued knowledge and its results to operate cumulatively and complementarily so that the desired outcome for every student is achieved.

A school, which through all its learning processes, incorporates the most modern educational methodological approaches, with continuous updates and individualized programs for each student.  Which ultimately proves, in practice, that knowledge can be enjoyable.

Imagine a school which…

Is truly open.

Where the parents and guardians of the students systematically participate in the implementation of the experiential educational program, through carefully designed activities that promote a love of reading, scientific and technological constructions, healthy diet, volunteerism and many more. Where they have the opportunity to share unique life experiences with their children, to create valuable shared memories and to understand and appreciate the philosophy, the aesthetic delight, and the creative dynamic of all its educational activities.

A school where parents and guardians are consistently updated regarding their children’s daily obligations, where they are supported individually and in groups in order to help their children complete their responsibilities at home. A school where they themselves learn and continually develop, rediscovering their precious childlike qualities. A school that brings out the best in everyone!

Imagine a school which…

Truly loves English.

Where its students are taught the English language experientially, within the framework of a uniform and especially enhanced time-wise, cross-disciplinary educational program. Where, daily, they are exposed to a real-life audience, converse, experiment and enjoy learning and communicating in English.

A school where the English language is discovered, understood and conquered not only through textbooks but mainly through songs, improvisations, games, theatrical plays, movies, travel, the environment, scientific and all sorts of constructions, through the networks of collaboration with schools of Europe and the US. A school where the students truly love the English language because they love the communication opportunities and understanding of the world that it offers them.

Imagine a school which…

Seeks that its students are truly happy.

Where they are systematically taught to recognize, understand and accept all their feelings, but also the feelings of others. Where they gradually understand and accept the real and always adequate authentic self. Where they communicate with empathy and solidarity and gradually form the necessary psychological resilience to cope with any change, big or small, which they will face in the future.

A school where students are trained to speak not only the language of the mind but mainly the language of the heart. The most precious language.

Imagine a school which…

Seeks that its faculty are truly creative.

Where they are systematically trained in all modern methodologies, the various educational tools and technologies that the school employs. Where they are systematically upskilled for life, within the framework of a uniform program of professional development, in collaboration with America’s top educational institutions, such as the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

A school where the teachers choose to ask more and answer less. Where they collaborate, discover knowledge, lead by example, share ideas and best practices, get support, envision and strive for a better future, for each individual student and, consequently for a better world.

Imagine a school that is much more than a school.

Imagine the new Pierce Kindergarten and Elementary of The American College of Greece!



The new East Campus of the American College of Greece is located in Spata (former facilities of Nea Genia Ziridis School). You can see a video here and you can find us on the map here.

Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary School are currently in operation. The Gymnasium will gradually be transferred to East Campus starting in September 2023.

Regular hours of operation are 8:30am – 3:30 pm.

An afternoon program offering the students exciting activities is also in operation between 3:30 – 5:00 pm.

The Admissions Policy can be seen by clicking here. The Parent / Guardian must submit the Candidate Application for Admission.

Yes, 6th Grade Pierce students can claim an academic scholarship for the Pierce Gymnasium by participating in the entrance exams.