Pierce IB Placements

We are delighted to congratulate the graduating class of 2019 (the second of Pierce – The American College of Greece, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme), on an excellent set of results. These achievements will allow our graduating students to progress in their education and to attend some of the best Universities across the world. Many thanks to students, parents and faculty, for all that they have contributed to this success!

On Friday, September 13th 2019, we awarded our first “45/45” student, Nick Motsis, as the valedictorian of IB2, May 2019 graduates.

Technical Note: The IBO release the Diploma Examinations results in July, each year, but the formal annual statistics are not published until after re-marks and other adjustments have been completed. In this summary, we have compared our results for the May 2019 examination, with the most recent official statistics from May 2019 provisional results and May 2018 official results.

  • Candidates who successfully passed the diploma: 90% (World, May’19: 77.4%)
  • Average Points obtained by candidates: 34 (World, May’19: 29.63)
  • Highest diploma points awarded to a candidate: 45 (World, May’19: 0.12%)
  • Candidates with points ≥35: 40% (World, May’18: 32%)
  • Candidates with points ≥40: 15% (World, May’18: 10%)

United Kingdom: University of Oxford (General Engineering), London School of Economics (Mathematics & Economics), University College London (Computer Science), University of Bristol (Physiological Studies), University of Bath (Management, Chemistry, Psychology), University of Manchester (Electrical Engineering), University of Southampton (Computer Science, Marketing), Queen Mary University of London (Medicine), University of York (Biochemistry), University of Sheffield (Economics & Philosophy), University of Essex (Acting School – Theater), University of East London (Psychology), Coventry University (Mechanical Engineering), Brunel University London (Law), Bournemouth University (Animation Production), Bangor University (Marine Biology), Newcastle University (Biochemistry), University of Surrey (Psychology), University of Leicester (Electronic & Electrical Engineering), University of Reading (Biomedical Science) και Cardiff University (Economics).
Germany: Heidelberg University (Political Philosophy)
Italy: Bocconi University (International Politics)
Netherlands: Leiden University (Royal Academy of Arts – Fine Arts), Erasmus University Rotterdam (Communication & Media, Liberal Arts & Sciences)
U.S.A.: University of Chicago (Economics)
UAE: New York University Abu Dhabi (Electrical Engineering)

16 students of C Lyceum class chose to study abroad and 12 of them succeeded in United Kingdom universities (University of Reading – Business Management/ Art & Psychology, Royal Holloway University of London – Criminology & Psychology, University of Sussex – Biomedical Science/ Computer for Business & Management, University of Kent – Sociology, University of Portsmouth – Business Management & Entrepreneurship, University of Dundee – Biology, University of Westminster – Business Management, University of Bath Computer Science, Coventry University – Business Management), 3 in universities in Netherlands (University of Groningen – Physics, Erasmus University Rotterdam – Willem de Kooning Academie: Spatial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology – Industrial Design) and one in Cyprus (University of Nicosia – Medical School).