Mediation and Social Change

Curriculum Overview

The Mediation and Social Change program comprises three mutually complementary modules that help to develop communication and problem-solving skills.

Through the Mediation and Negotiations module, students will be trained in mediation techniques that are based on the Harvard Negotiation Principles, which are widely used in dispute resolution systems today. Participants will apply peer mediation skills to real-life school, community, and global disputes, while trips to the city of Athens support the learning experience.

The Community Building module will draw inspiration from Nobel Laureates of Peace to empower students through interactive workshops, simulations, and the “Compassion in Action” community service project, to channel their will, courage, and compassion toward building just societies.

Finally, the Resolutions for Social Change module will engage students in collaborative and critical thinking, as well as ethical decision-making activities relating to social and STEM controversies.