Description of Courses

Visual Arts Module

Week 1: Monday

3 periods

Ancient Egyptian Painting

Introduction of the course to the students. Presentation of ancient Egyptian painting. What was the function of painting in ancient Egypt?

Art as knowledge.

Inquiry – How does an artwork reflect the era it was created in?


3 periods

Ancient Greek Painting

Presentation of ancient Greek painting with focus on black figure and red figure vases. Connection to ancient Egypt through Minoan wall painting. How did one culture influence the other?

Art as observation.

Inquiry – How do we learn history though the visual arts?


3 periods

Caricatures, Comics & Graphic Novels

Presentation of comics and the tradition they come from, Comics from caricatures, Manga (Japanese comics) from Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodprints). Connections to art forms previously discussed.

Studio session

Creation of a comic strip. Students will start by creating a storyboard. Discussion on the difference between comics and illustration.

Inquiry – how can we tell a story through images

Week 2: Monday

3 periods

Tradition of Shadow puppets and discussion on Contemporary artists that use a similar visual language such as Kara Walker.

Studio session – students will start working on a comic strip collaboratively.


3 periods

Studio session – students will work on improving the comic strip using visual references form different cultures and traditions.


3 periods

Studio session – the students will present their finished work.

Speech Training

Week 1: Monday and Week 2: Monday

Is there a certain way to breath? A certain a way to enunciate syllables? Is there a way to speak?

Starting from what we take as a given in everyday life this session on Voice and Speech will explore techniques useful for all public speakers, actors and students who want to be more confident in front of an audience. Body language, use of voice and presentation skills will be the main focus of the session, through which participants will be able to monitor and control the way they speak. “The way I speak is the way I meet the world”.