The DramArting, the Arts program is composed of two distinct modules, Drama and Visual Arts.

Through their participation in these modules, students are offered the opportunity to engage in creative workshops echoing the dynamic nature of the Arts. Drama and Visual Arts can provide future Leaders with all they need: from social and humanistic sensibilities to comprehensive information, so they can become investigators capable of solving humanity’s mysteries and problems.

The Drama module explores ways in which a leader is formed through the action on stage and behind the scenes. Students will be involved in the making of costumes or scenery with the use of special materials – either recyclable or taken directly from nature. Additionally, they will be asked to play a role matching the Festival’s or the workshop’s main theme.

The Visual Arts module will explore an artwork’s relation to the context it was created in. No work of art was ever created in a vacuum. How can we gain knowledge through an artwork? How do its formal elements give us information about the era it was created in? And how has the interaction of different cultures contributed to the shaping of art? In this module, the class will not be a class in the traditional sense but an open, creative and dynamic workshop environment.