The judging at this tournament plays a very vital role. There are three judges in each performance room and the scores given determine which performers will go to the Finals. Therefore, it is important that all Athens judges attend an orientation seminar that will be held at Pierce on March 11th between 6-8pm so that everyone is on the same page.

Also, please note that all Debate judges must take an on-line seminar to be announced later.
Thank you in advance for giving up your valuable time.

Please fill in the information and read the GDPR document attached before continuing to the drop menus.

Please sign up for the day(s) and times you will be able to judge.
Next to each sign-up please indicate your experience in judging that event as follows:
A = (more than 3 years of experience)
B = (up to 3 years of experience)
C = (0-2 two years of experience)

Read the notification for the processing of personal data here