Pierce IB DP Faculty

Course Faculty
Modern Greek Literature A (HL / SL) Dr. Emmanouela Kantzia
Mrs. Maria Lada
English Language and Literature A (HL / SL) Mrs. Lisa Seed – Trujillo
English B (HL / SL) Mrs. Evangelia Niadas,
Mrs. Maria Petropoulou,
Mrs. Lisa Seed – Trujillo
History (HL / SL) Dr. Evangelia Papoulia
Psychology (HL / SL) Ms. Maria – Julia Foteinopoulou
Economics (HL / SL) Dr. Dimitrios Doulos,
Mr. Dimitrios Makris,
Mr. Konstantinos Liolios
Business and Management (HL / SL)  Mr. Dimitrios Makris
Biology (HL / SL) Dr. Dafni Vlachantoni,
Dr. Michail Valahas,
Dr. Margarita Zogka
Physics (HL / SL) Dr. Stylianos Pappas
Chemistry (HL / SL) Dr. Dimitrios Soulas,
Dr. Michail Valahas
Computer Science (HL / SL) Mr. Stylianos Katsoulis
Mathematics (HL) Dr. Manolis Vrontakis, IB Coordinator
Dr. Eftychia Argyropoulou
Mathematical Studies (SL)
and Mathematics (SL)
Dr. Spyridoula Kanta
Visual Arts (HL / SL) Mr. Dimitrios Ioannou
Theater (HL / SL) Mrs. Mary Salliari
Theory of Knowledge Dr. Giannis Stamatellos
Creativity Activity Service (CAS)
Creativity Activity Service (CAS)
Dr. Dafni Vlachantoni, CAS Coordinator,
Mr. Dimitrios Ioannou
Extended Essay Dr. Evangelia Papoulia

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