Iliana Lytra

BA Philology, Specialisation in Medieval and Modern Greek Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), MSc Philosophy (Distinction), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), PhD Philosophy, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, University of Edinburgh (UoE), UK., AOS: Ancient Philosophy, History of Philosophy & Literature, Philosophy of Education, Ethics, AOC: Epistemology, Epistemology of Education, Philosophy of Language, Emotional Intelligence.

Dr. Iliana Lytra has been a member of the PIERCE IB Faculty since 2020, as a teacher of Theory of Knowledge and Modern Greek Literature. She has taught Modern Greek Language and Literature, Philosophy, Essay Writing and Ancient Greek Language and Philosophy for several years at the level of secondary education (7th up to 12th grade). Dr. Lytra has also been a been a Tutor of Philosophy (Ethics, Theory of Knowledge, History of Philosophy, etc.) for Undergraduate students at the University of Edinburgh and has been awarded with the ‘Best Tutor of the Year’ Teaching Award Nomination for two consecutive years (UK, 2016-2018). She also has a two-year experience in teaching GCSEs, GCEs, AS/A-Levels, National 5 and Higher-level exams, mostly on the areas of Modern Greek Language and Literature, Ancient Greek Language and Philosophy at Fettes College and at Edinburgh Hellenic School of St. Andrew (UK, 2016-2018).

Her current research interests focus on Epistemology, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Language and Applied Ethics. So far, Dr. Lytra has 2 publications; Socrates, An Intellectual Character Builder and The Moral Status of the Eiron According to Aristotle: Perception, Distance, Motivation.