From Humanism to Leadership

Curriculum Overview

The program From Humanism to Leadership will examine leadership from an interdisciplinary approach, employing philosophy, psychology, the humanities – with special reference to human rights inspired by the related educational program of Robert F. Kennedy “Speak truth to power” – and other fields of science to cultivate leadership skills within an intellectual and social context.

The Philosophy module stimulates students’ intellectual curiosity, as well as their reasoning and decision-making capacities. Students will explore the many styles and key aspects of leadership, participate in philosophy games, and undertake research challenges.

Participants will also be invited to organize a series of debates, as well as a number of argumentative, syllogistic, and rhetorical exercises, around several case studies that demonstrate the ethical difficulties and possibilities of the decision-making process. The case studies will be drawn from film or literature, and chosen jointly by the students and their instructors.

The Emotional Intelligence workshop will introduce students to the contemporary understanding of leadership through roleplaying, group building, and drama exercises, which introduce participants to the aspects of emotional intelligence relating to leadership. Finally, students will participate in Sustainability sessions to help them develop informed thinking on critical environmental topics.