Description of Courses

Tales of Imagination and Creativity

Can creativity be really taught? Actually you were used to be a creativity specialist during your childhood years.  The challenge for you right now is just to awaken your creative skills. In this workshop, you will learn how to unlock your natural capacity for creativity through a range of hands-on activities and fun exercises.

How to Turn an Idea into Business

Inspiration has struck you with a brilliant idea for a business, but how exactly do you transfer your idea into a fully-fledged and profitable business? In this workshop, you will learn the basic steps that you can take in order to get your idea into motion. You will learn how to validate your idea against value creation and profit making.

Maker’s Lab: Creating Something out of Nothing

You are invited to roll up your sleeves and utilize useless materials and waste (i.e. used bottles of plastic water) commonly found in the sea in order to produce valuable/marketable products. In this workshop, you will apply in practice the skills you cultivated in the creativity and entrepreneurship sessions and you will realize the importance of upcycling (creative reuse).

Enterprising in Action: The Challenge of Social Entrepreneurship

Have you ever dreamed of changing the world or making a difference in the world? In this workshop, you will learn what social entrepreneurship is about and why it is so exciting. You will be challenged to think about a problem you care about and consider possible market-based solutions for it. Designing a business model for the products that you will have created in the maker’s lab will be the first baby step towards the application of a social entrepreneurial mindset.

Mindfulness and Wellbeing for Entrepreneurs

In this workshop, you will be introduced into Mindful Breathing as a tool to recognize and control stress, cultivate a relaxed state of mind, learn how to be present in the moment and thereby be able to do everything with more discipline, focus and authenticity. Connecting with your breath, will give you the ability to navigate through situations as great leaders do, being calm, focusing on the issues, connecting to the people around you and generate new ideas to solve problems and achieve social and academic success.

Social and Digital Networking Technologies for Entrepreneurs

Start early! Learn how to distribute and promote your products on-line. The fundamentals of digital marketing targeted to young entrepreneurs! Save money and time by learning everything, you need at an early stage in your life.

Life in the Trading Room

In this workshop, you will acquire practical knowledge on global financial markets, including trading mechanics, main products traded, and trading market practices. Specifically, you will learn about market dynamics and factors that affect financial security prices and understand these factors via live trading strategies. Real case studies will be demonstrated in class, providing you with the experience of an actual trading floor.

Pitching as a Drama Act

In what ways can Theatre be useful in Business? In this workshop, you will be able to explore Pitching from the perspective of Acting. You will be equipped with tools that improve your presentational skills. You will learn techniques that make you not only convince but also captivate your audience.

Mediation Strategies and Games

After all, what mediation is all about? This workshop will allow you to understand and explore the fundamental principles of mediation. In particular, you will have the opportunity to practice mediating conflicts and understand the value of mediation as a conflict resolution tool applicable through games.

Ethical Dilemmas in Entrepreneurship

What is ethical behavior? How should or shouldn’t we act in a specific situation? Ethics refer to a code or set of principles, standards, or rules that guide our actions within a particular social framework. This module aims to explore and consider the nature of ethical action, judgment, and decision making, with special reference to challenges that young entrepreneurs currently face. You will be engaged in a critical discussion of how a person ought to act responsibly in a particular case and to what extent this action should be described as right or wrong.

Leadership Stories

In this workshop, you will learn great lessons of leadership through stories of leaders in Ancient Greece. These stories link the experience of Ancient Greek leaders to the modern corporate reality and attempt to bring value to different traits of Leadership such as building high potential teams and company culture, leading in crisis, talents and succession planning, Women Leaders and innovation.

Summer School Day Trips

Over the course of the three weeks, students will visit places and locations within and outside the Attica region.