Curriculum Overview

The Entrepreneurship program of studies – a blend of academic lectures, workshops, games and outdoor activities – aims to support its participants in becoming well-grounded individuals and successful business leaders who are able to make informed decisions, think critically and move both business and the community forward. Students who participate in the program will challenge their creative ideas and entrepreneurial skills through an interactive and experiential curriculum. In-class discussion and practical exercises, workshops, use of computer labs, trips to local businesses, business games and much more will make their daily schedule.

Upon completion of the program, students will develop the research mindset essential to innovation-driven business. In particular, they will:

  • Awaken and boost their creative forces
  • Learn how to turn their ideas into a viable business g. crafting a business plan
  • Enhance their communication and oral presentation skills, e.g. pitching a business plan
  • Cultivate team building skills in a multicultural environment
  • Build a network of peers and future business partners all over the world.