Transportation Office

One of the most important aspects of school life is the safe and timely transportation of students to and from Pierce – The American College of Greece. The responsibility for organizing, operating and managing this service belongs to the Transportation Office, which coordinates the school buses and sees to the bus routes during the school year.

The College hires, from an external partner, 28 school buses to carry out the daily bus routes. The buses fulfill the most stringent safety specifications and the drivers strictly follow traffic rules in order to provide the best possible service.

The selection of the external partner was done with particular care based on their many years of experience and reliability. In addition, the bus drivers are chosen with equally strict criteria so as to ensure that they are responsible and polite, experienced and sensitive and caring towards the students. The driver of each bus is responsible for the safety and smooth operation of his particular bus route.

Also, Parents and Guardians can find out, in real time, the location and speed of their child’s school bus, with the “Location Recording System through GPS” (see below).

Please note that the school buses are an extension of the school space (based on the College’s internal regulations) and following the rules of conduct by students is taken for granted. The College considers that following these rules contributes substantively to the education of young people, which is why we take any measure necessary to improve the conditions of transportation by school bus.

The bus routes cover the greatest possible part of the Attica Basin, and for the areas that are not covered there is communication with the parents as to the point at which students will be picked up and dropped off.

Specifically, the farthest limits of the bus routes are:

•    North as far as Dionysos, Thrakomakedones and Anoixi
•    East as far as Marathona, Rafina, Porto Rafti
•    South as far as Vouliagmeni, Vari, Varkiza, Ag. Marina, Lagonisi, Anavisso and Markopoulo
•    West as far as Piraeus and Nikaia

The determination of each bus’s absolutely precise arrival time at each point of departure and bus stop is sometimes not possible, due to prevailing traffic conditions. For this reason, students should be at their bus stop five minutes earlier than the set arrival time of their bus.

At the following links you can see the school bus routes for the 2021-22 school year, the departure times from the starting points  of each route, the bus routes for C Lyceum (every Wednesday and Friday), as well as the afternoon bus routes.

Morning buses to Pierce 2021 2022 (28 buses) with pick up times

Bus routes for C Lyceum (Wednesday and Friday)

Application for use of school bus 202-22

Transportation fees (charges)

Location Recording System through GPS 

Regarding school bus fees for the 2020-21 school year, we would like to inform you of the following:

  • In the event that, following a decision by the Ministry of Education and Religion, the school year begins earlier or is extended, school bus fees will not be adjusted.
  • In the event that schools are closed by decision of the relevant authorities or Distant Learning Program, school bus fees will be reduced proportionally for the days the College remains closed.
  • In the event that students attend school in alternate sub-sections, school bus fees will not be adjusted.
  • Applications for the interruption of school bus use and proportional fee charges after the start of the school year will be accepted only for particularly serious reasons.

The Transportation Office is at your service. For any questions, please contact Mr. Gregory Karademos at:
tel. 210 6009800 ext. 1101, email. [email protected].