School Meals

Youthful, trendy, simply decorated with earth tones and absolutely functional, the cafeteria of the top private educational institution (Pierce – Deree ), which is in Agia Paraskevi (Gravias 6), fulfills the dining needs of students, teachers and staff. This is an exclusive collaboration that began in 2012 and demonstrates, among other things, the capabilities of Deipnosofistirion Catering in the field of large group dining.

Since 1996, Deipnosofistirion Catering has been making its special mark on Greek gastronomy, focusing on authenticity, quality and high reliability. Deipnosofistirion Catering is now regarded as synonymous with inspired cuisine, with prestige and a philosophy that is also demonstrated in its exclusive management of the Café-Restaurants of the Benaki Museums (Kolonaki & Peiraios) as well as the Goulandri Museum of Natural History, at which it also has the exclusive privilege of organizing social and corporate events in special areas of the museums. (


The selection of meals is made by a nutritionist and is also supervised by head chef Dimitris Skaramoutsos, and the food is prepared daily using selected ingredients of exceptional quality.

Deipnosofistirion Catering has certification for quality based on the standard EN ISO 22000:2005, as well as certification in the “gold category” organic cuisine (Bio Kοuzina Gold) according to the standard Bio Kouzina of BΙΟ Hellas, the recognized certification body for organic products.

The parents of students who take their meals at school retain full responsibility for their children’s meals, as the company cannot be aware of any religious or medical issues (allergies, special diet, etc.) that restrict the child’s food choices

Students who bring food from home can also eat their meals in the Cafeteria. In any case, for all students who use the Cafeteria, the rules of behavior as described in the Internal Rules and Regulations for Gymnasium & Lyceum, apply.