School Psychologist

The school psychologist Dr. Nektaria Glinou works with the administration, with teachers and class advisors and the student community, planning ways of dealing with the problems of students or specific groups of students. In addition, she prepares educational seminars aimed at the prevention of the problems of adolescence. Dr. Glinou carries out individual sessions with parents and students. She is responsible for the evaluation of any learning or psychological difficulty that arises and provides short-term therapeutic intervention. The office of the school psychologist is a source of support for students, parents and teachers in a positive atmosphere of cooperation that reflects our school’s child-centered pedagogical approach.

Lyceum students and their parents can meet privately with Dr. Glinou at any time, by appointment. Pierce makes every effort to support its students and their families in a substantial way throughout the school year.

Adjustment, stress management and study techniques

Pierce's school psychologist, Dr. Nektaria Glinou, had discussions with A Lyceum students, from September 25 to October 10, 2017 on the subject “Adjusting to the Lyceum school environment”.

From Friday, September 22 to Thursday, September 28, 2017 Dr. Glinou had discussions with C Lyceum students entitled “Study Strategies and Stress Management for the Panhellenic Exams.” 

Dr. Glinou focused on the reinforcing students’ reading comprehension, writing skills and memory. They also talked about basic skills such as organizing material and time management as prerequisites for a more effective learning process. Then they emphasized the need to distinguish the important points of each subject and to determine the relationships among basic concepts (e.g. underlining, summarizing or categorizing material). They also presented effective techniques for monitoring and reviewing learning progress and the emphasized the importance of using multi-sensory methods for a more fruitful and beneficial learning process. Finally, tried out practical exercises for stress management (such as breathing control) and were informed about the importance of sleep and diet for more efficient mental work.

“School Bullying and Violence: Innovative, non-punitive methods for dealing with them”

As part of our effort to prevent incidents of school bullying, A Lyceum students and A and B Lyceum Class Advisors took part in an experiential – educational seminar entitled “School bullying and violence: Innovative, non-punitive methods for dealing with them.” The seminar was moderated by Ms. Athina Karavoltsou, Health Education Teacher and lasted three teaching periods within the school program, for each A Lyceum class.

The goals of the seminar for students were:

  • •    To understand the parameters that define the phenomenon of bullying and violence among students. •    To explore the feelings of bullies and their victims.
    •    To explore possible reactions of victims to bullying and their consequences.
    •    To pinpoint possible obstacles to reporting cases of bullying to teachers and to propose ways of overcoming them.
    •    To explore the feelings and perceptions of spectators of bullying.
    •    To reflect on and encourage taking moral responsibility of solidarity as it applies to them, as spectators of cases of bullying among students.
    •    To pinpoint appropriate intervention strategies that will support victims and discourage bullying behavior.

Ms. Karavoltsou is a Mathematician and Theatrologist, with a degree from the Graduate Program “Theater/Drama in Education” (University of Dublin) and from the Graduate Program in Health Education (University of Athens Medical School). The seminar was carried out in cooperation with Pierce school psychologist, Dr. Nektaria Glinou.


Nektaria Glinou, Ph.D.
School Psychologist

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