School Meals

Pierce – The American College of Greece


With a long history in the field of catering, Dipnosofistirion Catering is responsible for the meals program at the American College of Greece (Pierce και Deree), with exclusive management of the restaurant in the educational institution in Agia Paraskevi. Dipnosofistirion Catering produces food for students daily, using only fresh and high-quality ingredients as well as the best methods of handling which ensures the highest possible nutritional value.


Nutrition in childhood and adolescence

It is well-known that familiarization with the principles of a balanced diet during childhood and adolescence is considered of fundamental importance in the adoption of correct eating habits in later adult life.  

Children and adolescents have increased energy needs due to the continuous development of their bodies and their daily activities. It is therefore important that they take in sufficient quantities of food that contains all the essential nutrients inn order to build a strong, healthy body.

In addition, maintaining a healthy diet plan contributes to the prevention of pathologies (such as anemia, obesity, diabetes, various dental diseases, etc.), to the improvement in overall performance at school and, generally, to the maintenance of a healthy body weight in later life.

The school environment, in cooperation with the administration and educators, plays a pivotal role in educating students on matters of nutrition and can help substantially in forming a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle.

The Company


Since 1996, Dipnosofistirion Catering has made its special mark on Greek gastronomy, focusing on authenticity, quality and a high degree of dependability. Today Dipnosofistirion Catering is considered synonymous with inspired cuisine, with a philosophy that is demonstrated in our exclusive management of the Café-Restaurants of the Benaki Museum (Kolonaki & Peiraios) as well as the Goulandri Museum of Natural History, at which it maintains the exclusive privilege of organizing social and corporate events in the special spaces in the Museums.


Dipnosofistirion Catering has certification for quality based on the standard EN ISO 22000:2005, as well as certification  in the “gold category” in organic cuisine (Bio Kοuzina Gold) according to the standard of Bio Kouzina of BΙΟ Hellas, the acknowledged agent of certification of organic products.


Our chefs

Jean Louis Capsalas: The distinguished chef is one of the creators who have defined modern gastronomy in our country, with an long, impressive career in gourmet cuisine. With strong French, Greek and generally Mediterranean influences, his cooking perfectly combines the classic and the modern, creating a superior, unique taste experience.

Dionysis AlertasOne of the most talented Greek Chef Pâtissier, Dionysis Alertas is inspired by authentic pâtisserie creations that raise desserts to a supreme taste experience. He creates for, among others, Dipnosofistirion Catering, the Café-Restaurants of the Benaki Museums and Goulandri Natural History Museum and for the patisserie Criollo.


Menus and availability of meals in the restaurant at Pierce

Dipnosofistirion Catering exclusively manages the restaurant at Pierce in Agia Paraskevi and provides meals for students, teachers and the College staff.

The selection of meals is carried out by a dietician, and the food is produced daily using high-quality ingredients.

The parents of students that have their meals at school have full responsibility for their children’s meals, as the company cannot keep up-to-date with any religious or medical restrictions (allergies, special diet, etc.).

In the Cafeteria students can also have meals they bring from home.

In any case, for all students using the School Cafeteria there are rules of conduct, as described in the Internal Rules and Regulations for the Gymnasium and the Lyceum.

For increased needs on special College occasions, such as Thanksgiving Day, meals are provided from our facilities.

For further information, please contact Dipnosofistirion Catering and Ms. Bellou,tel: 210 6206155 (Website:, email: [email protected]