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Academic Honesty

The first of 3 workshops scheduled for IBDP students is entitled Academic Honesty and it examines the subject of intellectual rights, copyright and plagiarism. The quiz “To Cite or Not to Cite” has been created for the students to test their knowledge on bibliographic references and citations.

To Cite or Not to Cite

Bob Dylan – a glimpse

The Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature 2016 to Bob Dylan for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition” and caused a storm of both positive and negative reactions. Here at Pierce, we considered this to be a great historical moment for literature given that, with this award, a bridge between poetry and song lyrics began to be built and, at the same time, it was recognized that writing talent can be demonstrated in various forms.   Our enthusiasm led to the idea of dedicating World Poetry Day to this huge artistic and iconic figure called Bob Dylan. The tribute was attended by B and G Gymnasium students on December 14, 2016, just a few days after the official award ceremony, at which Dylan made his mark with his absence.

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Miltiadis Malakasis –The 1880s Generation

The Pierce Library wanted to celebrate World Poetry Day 2016 with a tribute to Miltiadis Malakasis and the New Athenian School, otherwise known as the 1880s Generation.  We consider that particular period of time to be a turning point in the development of Modern Greek literature, which brought about a change not only in the language but also in the subject matter of literary production.  However, it was also the generation which was to unite the Greek intellectual world, which had previously been divided in two camps, the Athenian and the Heptanesian. The reason this particular poet was chosen is that Malakasis worked for 20 years in the library of the Parliament and is one of the first Greeks to have studied librarianship in Paris, writing a paper on the subject. The students that attended the presentation received as a gift two poems on a similar subject, one representing the Old Athenian School and one representing the New.

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Odysseas Elytis 1911-1996

The Pierce Library organized a small tribute to the life and work of the poet, on the occasion of the 100-year anniversary of his birth. The tribute took place in the context of World Poetry Day .

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History of comics and graphic novels

The Pierce Library has begun to develop its collection with noteworthy comics and graphic novels. A bibliography with the new acquisitions can be seen here. To celebrate this new beginning the Library organized a tribute to the 9th art which included: a presentation on the historical development and growth of this medium over the years and in different countries, displays of the new acquisitions, a one-page comic by well-known artists without words in the ‘bubbles’ so that students could happily create their own stories. Finally, the members of the Comics Club drew famous comics characters on poster boards, which were displayed with our collection of informative books.

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