Searching the Internet

Search Engines
Yahoo Ask Hotbot
Web portal with search capabilities Allows full questions in English Indexes entire texts, provides filters for date, place, type and medium
Duck Duck Go Sweet Search Biznar
Does not record searches High quality content, selected by researchers, librarians and educators Search in real time with multiple databases
Yippy Vos
Search engine that categorizes results in groups A collections of static web pages for literature, humanities, cultural studies.
Search engines for the Gymnasium
Fact Monster Awesome Library
Oriented to children’s needs 37,000 selected websites on education Search page for children designed by libriarians for children with kids-friendly search results.
Subject Directories
Internet Public Library Dmoz Virtual Library
Static subject directory with web sources, selected by specialized information experts and librarians. The biggest subject director on the World Wide Web has now a static miror that includes the information that were made available through the Open Directory Project. Begun by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of HTML and, according to many, the internet itself, in 1991 at CERN in Geneva. Maintained by volunteers.
Thematic and geographical directory including a search engine for Greek and international links.