The Pierce Library

Pierce Library is committed to creating a conducive learning environment that provides the community with the best information resources. It encourages leisure reading and personal growth. The library’s vision is to inspire the next generation of leaders by providing opportunities for critical thinking, skills development, and communication of ideas.

The library is part of the teaching schedule with classroom teachers. Students can access state-of-the-art electronic services on and off-site, and collections of approximately 35,000 Greek and English language books.

There are audiovisual and small book collections in French, Italian, German, and Spanish to help foreign language teachers inspire their students.

Tutorials are provided to IBDP students in information literacy and note-taking techniques. Orientation sessions are also available for A’ Gymnasium students to use the Pierce Library Book Collection and its electronic resources. In-site brief presentations in electronic resources are offered to inquiring students who aim at improving their performance and achievements.

Pierce Library offers a safe and welcoming environment throughout the day, providing an open place with support across all levels. It is located on the 7th level of Pierce division, covering an area of approximately 500 m². It includes a reading area with 80 user seats, 21 workstation seats, a small study room, and a Media Center equipped with 50 seats available for presentations and projections.

Pierce Library is affiliated with J.S. Bailey and Alba Libraries, expanding its collections’ capabilities and deriving advantages and benefits through an internal interlibrary loan scheme.