The Pierce Library

One of the main features of Pierce since the year it was founded (1875) is its lending library, an institution that continues the tradition up until today. The school library today extends to 506 sq.m. and has a reading room with 86 study spaces, offering students with a comfortable and modern space for research and study.

There are 14 computers connected to the internet and to electronic subscription sources such as databases, electronic encyclopedias and other information tools. The library is connected electronically and uses common systems for the organization of its material with the J.S.B. Library, which serves Deree students. There is the possibility for interlibrary between the libraries of the American College (Pierce Library – J.S.B. Library).

The Greek-English printed collection of the PIERCE Library numbers approximately 40,000 books and 33 magazine titles. In 1974 the Library acquired a 50-seat Media Center, which has audio-visual reproduction systems plus a laptop computer, thus serving the needs for projection of audio-visual material of all kinds, carefully selected to reinforce classroom teaching.

Since 2011 the Pierce Library provides lessons in information literacy which are aimed at supplementing the learning process, supporting educators in their work by teaching students the process of developing skills in searching, locating and evaluating  printed, audio-visual and electronic sources of information.

Students enrolled in Pierce, alumni, the faculty and administrative staff of the College, all have the right to use the school library.

There are 2 people working in the library, one of whom is a specialized librarian.