Science Labs

In trying to motivate our students, apart from making the connections between the physical sciences and everyday life and their interests, the most important incentive in the success of our efforts are the labs, which have all the equipment needed to make it possible to bring almost every chapter in the textbooks to life.

With demonstration experiments and lab exercises carried out by groups of students, they:

•    approach knowledge in an active way
•    gain practical abilities and experiences
•    exercise their observation skills
•    work on their own
•    learn to undertake initiatives
•    discover and develop interests and skills
•    cultivate the team spirit and
•    develop their critical thinking skills.

At Pierce three modern labs are in operation: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Science Labs are fully equipped with everything needed to carry out prescribed experiments (equipment, apparatus, reactants, etc.) as well as modern systems (material, software and internet facilities) that correspond to the needs of incorporating the opportunities provided to us by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education.

With the help of computers, students participate actively in class with the dynamics of simulating natural phenomena and thus discover their own interests and talents.