School’s Makers Space

Inside the Pierce MakerSpace, students will be a part of a creative learning revolution, where doing is what matters, and where trial and error and even failure help teach resilience, determination, and eventually success. In the lab, students will access and use materials, tools, and teacher-mentors.

The new MakerSpace is equipped with sixteen autonomous workbenches, where the children will have access to the basic hand tools required to bring their ideas to life. In A Gymnasium the students will be introduced to the area and given a simple focused task to complete. However, our B Gymnasium students will get their first taste of mass production and will work in teams, to produce the viable test batch of a new product.

The MakerSpace will also incorporate a clean space, which will make design and project work a more integral part of the process. In the A Gymnasium students will make particular use of this area when they embark on their scale model project, where they will produce a 3D representation of their room. In the Lyceum, students will use the clubs and activities period(s) to utilize the MakerSpace.

Tools at the MakerSpace are kindly provided by Stanley Black & Decker.