Art Workshops

Pierce has Art Workshops with all the necessary equipment for viewing and presenting, arranged so that the teachers can address each and every student to fulfill the theoretical and practical needs of this class. The Art Workshops are located in a courtyard and provide a light and pleasant environment in which to express themselves creatively.
Over the six years of studies at the College, students are taught:

•    Composition
•    Painting
•    Etching with linoleum
•    Linear and Decorative Design
•    Collage
•    Free and Architectural Design
•    History of Art and
•    Applied Arts (Photography, Industrial Design, Graphics).

In class or in Clubs, Cultural Programs and other artistic activities, our students have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials and techniques such as:

•    Relief
•    Sculpture
•    Artistic Ceramics
•    Mask Construction
•    Puppet Theater Construction
•    Scenery Construction