This project is the result of a collaboration between Mathisi Initiative and  BWSI, and between Mathisi Initiative and Pierce.

The Beaver Works Summer Institute at the Lincoln Lab at MIT is a place where ideas are encouraged and brought to life. It was started in 2016 in response to a challenge – to fill a gap and create a program that uses the MIT mindset to collaborate, to work together and bring college level curriculum in computer science and AI technologies to high school students. miniRacecar is one of the many courses created and offered by Beaver Works.

Mathisi Initiative is a non-profit organization formed by volunteers and whose mission is to facilitate access to educational programs of outstanding quality to all students in Greece, regardless of their economic or academic status.  It is a member of MIT JWEL which introduced Mathisi to BWSI. Mathisi has been working with BWSI over the last 2 years to promote access to their program in Greece in collaboration with Pierce – The American College of Greece.