To participate in the Racecar Challenge, students must have first successfully completed BWSI’s miniRACECAR course, under the guidance of their teacher. The BWSI course is available online in English at no charge.

The course was designed and is offered by BWSI for middle-school students with no or little prior knowledge of programming and robotics. It is an impressive and rigorous program for which BWSI issues a certificate upon successful completion. The course guides students through the programming and assembling of a racecar which will be able to autonomously run through a track with a certain set of obstacles. The course can be fully completed either while assembling the physical car if available, or, in the absence of the physical car, through BWSI’s miniRACECAR and course software simulation. The competition however will be based on the physical car.

The course aims to help students develop their knowledge and skills in programming, robotics and technology, linking theory to practice. Students will receive instruction in the following subjects:

  • Programming (Python)
  • Computer Vision (OpenCV)
  • Robotics (Racecar)

The objective is to provide Gymnasio students with an opportunity to work in teams under their teacher’s guidance, to acquire knowledge in a project-based manner, to develop their skills in programming, robotics and technology regardless of prior experience or knowledge, and to cultivate skills such as problem solving, creativity and teamwork.

Technical Support

For the teachers who will have registered for the BWSI course and will have their team registered for the BWSI course and the Racecar Challenge, a technical support team coordinated by the Racecar Challenge organizers and liaising with BWSI is available throughout the BWSI course duration and can be reached at [email protected]