September 19, 2022      Opening of registration for miniRacecar and the 2nd Racecar Challenge

October 26, 2022      Registration deadline (both steps), at 19:00.

April 26, 2023              Completion of at least the first 3 Labs of the BWSI miniRacecar course and                                                                            submission of time trials code for participation in 2nd Racecar Challenge, at 19:00.

April 29, 2023               2nd Racecar Challenge at Pierce – the American College of Greece in Athens, Greece                                                      and online

July 31, 2023                 Completion of at least the first 3 Labs of miniRacecar for the students who will have not                                                 been able to complete them earlier but chose to pursue the course to receive a                                                                   certificate of completion from BWSI

[August 1], 2023         Beginning of the attendance by the Racecar Challenge winning team of the last week                                                      of BWSI summer camp and final competition pre-trials

[August 7-8], 2023     Final BWSI Racecar Challenge