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Youth Entrepreneurship Competition – Diamond Challenge

Pierce – The American College of Greece is announcing the Panhellenic Student Competition “Diamond Challenge,” which is addressed to General Lyceum students, public and private schools from all around Greece. The competition has been taking place since 2012 in 35 countries, under the auspices of the Horn School of Entrepreneurship of the University of Delaware (

The aim of the competition is to give Lyceum students the opportunity to work as teams, to gain knowledge experientially, to acquire interpersonal skills, to have an entrepreneurial experience, to solve problems, to use technology to implement their ideas and to create, regardless of their future career goals.

The theme of this year’s competition in Greece is Social Innovation. Every idea that is submitted must contribute to the resolution of a social problem and have a positive effect on citizens, society and the environment.

Initially, teams of 2-4 students are formed, and they research social problems and propose original and feasible ideas for solving these problems. Every team works with a teacher, who has the role of advisor/mentor in the students’ efforts. There is no charge for participation in the competition. English is the language of the competition., which will take place in 5 phases.

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