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Youth Business Competition: Diamond Challenge

On Saturday, February 8, 2020, in the Theater of Pierce – The American College of Greece, the 2nd phase of the Diamond Challenge took place, during which the Zero%Risk team consisting of Maria Papangeletou and Kanella Papakosta-Sampatakaki were selected to represent Greece in the Final, which will take place at the University of Delaware in the U.S.A., April 16-18, 2020 (

The theme of this year’s competition for Greece was “Social Innovation.” Every idea that was presented was aimed at contributing to the solution of a social problem and have a positive effect on the citizen, society and the environment. A total of 8 teams of students took part, seven of which were made up of Pierce students. Specifically, the following teams competed:

  1. E.L.F.NT. (Electronic local food network) Pierce – The American College of Greece: Thomas Dinopoulos, Haralambos Papadopoulos-Siountris, Zisis Kokorogiannis, Petros Chondrogiannis
  2. Deal Dementia, Pierce – The American College of Greece: Lydia Ioannou, Michael Mavraganis, Marios Varelogiannis, Stamos Artikopoulos
  3. Bio-Bottles, Pierce – The American College of Greece: Maria Sotirchou, Katerina Mamali
  4. Let’s Sign: Pierce – The American College of Greece: Elvira Vidaki, Isidora Georgakopoulou, Sofia Gamvrinou, Olympia Vlahopoulou
  5. Home for the Homeless, Geitonas School: Achilleas Dimokrasas, Pavlos Evangelou, Orestis Grigorakis, Philip Dounis
  6. Obesitext, Pierce – The American College of Greece: Anastasia Mouratoglou, Philip Vakirtzis
  7. Online Mentoring, Pierce – The American College of Greece: Antonis Riketta, Nikos Terzakis, Nikos Ktenas
  8. Zero%Risk, Pierce – The American College of Greece: Maria Papangeletou, Kanella Papakosta-Sampatakaki

The panel of judges was made up of secondary-school and university educators and distinguished individuals from the fields of innovation, social responsibility and entrepreneurship:

  • Jorge –A. Sanchez, Ph.D., MPM, Dipl.Ing., Chief Strategy & Financial Officer,
  • Christos Lytras, Managing Partner,,
  • Katerina Voutsina, PhD, Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship, Area Coordinator in Entrepreneurship Management pathway, School of Business and Economics,The American College of Greece- DEREE
  • Dimitra Darda, Regional Sr. Director, Head of CDS Device Sales in EMEA at Microsoft
  • Peggy Velliotou, Partner, KPMG Advisors AE,
  • Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Chairman, MITEF Greece & Co-founder, Mobiltron, Inc.

See the announcement of the Competition, the event schedule and the approval document from the Ministry of Education.
For further information and updates regarding the progress of the competition, interested parties may visit the following websites: και