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Women’s Day and woman’s place in Greece and Europe

On the occasion of the celebration of Women’s Day (March 9th) and as part of the program “Schools – Ambassadors of the European Parliament,” Pierce students Maria-Dafni Antoniou (A Lyceum), Dimitris Mostratos (B Lyceum), Konstantina Bakal (A Lyceum), Maraya Berketi (B Lyceum), Theodora-Markella Papadimitrious (C Lyceum), Nelly Papacosta-Sampatakaki (C Lyceum) and Giasmin-Alexandra Samolada (A Lyceum) collaborated and created a video to honor Women and to highlight their place in society.

From a historical perspective, women’s place is presented both in Greece as well as in other countries of the European Union. The sensitive issues of gender equality in the workplace, women’s rights and violence against women are discussed. Finally, the actions of the European Union to achieve the much-desired equality of men and women in public and private life, as well as in political decision-making, are promoted.

Watch the video: