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Winning Diamond Challenge team in “Kathimerini”!

The Zero%Risk team of Maria Papangeletou and Kanella Papakosta-Sampatakaki, Pierce B Lyceum students, was named the winner and will represent Greece in the final round of the Diamond Challenge youth entrepreneurship competition, which will take place at the University of Delaware in the U.S.A., April 16 – 18, 2020 ( The students spoke with the “Kathimerini” newspaper about their experience, the theme of the competition and the solutions they proposed.

This is the presentation prepared for the final round of the Competition:

The competition took place in the Pierce Theater on Saturday, February 9, 2020, the theme being “Social Innovation.” Every idea that was presented was aimed at contributing to the solution of a social problem and at having a positive effect on the citizen, society and the environment. A total of 8 student teams took part in the final, seven of which came from Pierce.

Nelli and Maria’s idea provides a solution to the problem that arises when a dementia patient or a child becomes lost and cannot return home without assistance. The product they presented consists of a bracelet equipped with a microchip and a Panic Button, which the elderly person or the small child wears. There is also a sensor placed at the entrance to the house, the retirement home or the nursery school. The bracelet is connected to an application with Google maps and, in the event that the person being monitored leaves the building, an alert message is sent to pre-set mobile telephone numbers, informing the recipient about the person’s leaving and indicating the route the patient or the child is taking. In this way, relatives can find out exactly where the person is and rush to their aid.

As the two students also said, in the future there could be a “rescue team,” which would take action in the event that relatives are unable to help the patient or the child immediately, offering its services by safely guiding the person back home or to the nursing home that he/she has left.

Good luck in the next phase of the competition!