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Vote for Lifeprint, the student business – ally in the struggle against climate change

Lifeprint is the Student Virtual Business of 25 students taking part in the Junior Achievement Club Pierce – The American College of Greece. Overcoming the difficulties of the pandemic, the students succeeded in creating the “business” called “Lifeprint,” a Behavior Change App, which is, as they say, “our ally in the struggle against climate change.”

Lifeprint will take part in the competition “Best Student Virtual Business 2021” and we invite you to support these students’ efforts by voting for Lifeprint, at the Junior Achievement Greece link.

Lifeprint, in a playful way, offers environment-friendly alternatives to everyday activities so that users can reduce their own carbon footprint. The options are divided in five categories: diet, movement, shopping, energy and tourism. It rewards ecological choices with discounts on a variety of products/services for users of the application.

In this way. it reinforces “green behaviors,” giving the user economic incentives. In addition, the application presents and promotes ecologically aware businesses as well as the wide range of products and services that have environmental certification such as ISO 14001, EMAS, Green key, etc. It measures the user’s carbon footprint and helps him/her to maintain his/her desired goal. It also functions as an information hub by posting the latest news regarding climate change as well as ecological actions taking place, thus strengthening users’ environmental awareness.

Lifeprint’s Gold Sponsor is Vitex, a company that meets the right environmental criteria, is certified by Eco Label and EN ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System and has been honored with a plethora of environmental awards, such as: 1st Prize “Environment and Green Growth,” 1st Prize “Green Product” “My Climate.”
Our students’ aim in participating in their “business” is to gain real experience of the business world, to develop their talents, to acquire skills and knowledge regarding all of the phases of running a business, from the initial idea and setting up the business, the division of roles and responsibilities, taking on the responsibility for specific tasks and, mainly, focusing on their common goal, concerning not only viability but also the continuous development of their business.

Lifeprint Core Team: Giasmin Samolada – Chief Executive Officer, Ariadne Papouli – Board Chairwoman, Foteini Sfakianaki – IT Director, Maria Tourni – Chief Financial Officer.

Panagiotis Sfyris – Faculty Advisor
Christos Lytras – Volunteer

SeeLifeprint’s promo video: