Posted on supports the initiatives of the College, with innovation at its core

The American College of Greece thanks, a leading European tech bank, for its five-year commitment to support both Pierce students and Deree students on their own path of knowledge and personal development., headquartered in Athens and present in 24 European markets, is an organization focused on generating innovation, determining the agenda and developments in the payments technology space for more than two decades. The partnership with the College is part of’s effort to inspire through its own journey and experience, fostering youth entrepreneurship, technology development and creative, strategic thinking.’s generous donation will support the following initiatives of the American College of Greece for the next five years:

  • The Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Powered by aims to promote critical thinking and innovation, which are the driving forces of the modern world. This goal is achieved by seeking solutions to social problems, designing, presenting and implementing innovative ideas. The academy includes and supports the activities of clubs and competitions: the Junior Achievement Club, Diamond Challenge Club, Junior Squeezy program and X-Culture Academy, for Pierce’s Gymnasium, Lyceum and IB students.
  • Scholarships – for Deree students studying Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Computer Science or Cyber Security and Networking Program.
  • Scholarships – Study Abroad: for Deree students who wish to undertake a study abroad program at Deree partner universities, enriching their international educational experiences.