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Visit to the Center for the Protection of Children “Mitera”

Along with our Advisor – Teacher, Mr. Panagiotis Kechagias, five students of Cthet3 got particularly lucky and had the chance to represent not only our class but the whole School of Pierce, on our visit to the Center for the Protection of Children “Mitera” while symbolically contributing 800 euros in the form of Gift Vouchers for purchases from a big super-market chain.

Even though our visit was relatively short, due to the current conditions, the experience was unique. Initially, we were offered a tour around the beautiful facilities of the Center, only outdoors, listening to Mrs. Vasiliki Galani talking to us about child adoption, foster care and other procedures that are related to the children. In continuation, we met some of the older kids that were offered hospitality in the Center during those days. It was very moving to converse with them and listen to their stories, even if it was through the window, to see their faces, even if it was with the mask, to see them radiate with joy.

We asked our “Guide” some last questions and with great difficulty we said goodbye to our new friends. Despite the short duration of our visit, the experience was rich in emotions, knowledge, and touching moments, especially during such a difficult period that we are all going through. Each opportunity to socialize with young people, each exchange of ideas, thoughts and gifts is precious.

George Tsagiannis
President of the 5-Member Council