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Two Pierce students at SingularityU Greece Summit 2019

Apostolos Varouchas, B Lyceum student, and Nikolaos Koutsos – Koutsopoulos, C Lyceum student of Pierce, along with another 25 Gymnasium and Lyceum students, attended the Youth Parallel Event, at the SingularityU Greece Summit 2019, which took place on November 11th at the Athens Concert Hall. The students had been selected by Vodafone from among 180 applicants.

This is a unique conference, perhaps the most influential regarding the use of information technology in the future, and took place for the 2nd time in Greece. This year’s theme was: “Vision Forward” and the main issues discussed were: Exponential Technologies & Disruption, The Future of Energy, Α.I., Robotics and the Future of Manufacturing, The Future of Cities, Exponential Economics, Future of Work, Future of Health, Rapid Innovation, Leadership. According to the conference speakers, technology is what allows us to live in the best time in the history of mankind.

Young people and technology together are creating an exciting future!