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Twelve Pierce students in the 2nd phase of the 34th Panhellenic Competition in Informatics

Twelve Pierce students qualified for the 2nd phase of this year’s 34th Panhellenic Student Competition in Informatics, six from Gymnasium and six from Lyceum. The successful candidates will compete on the 9th of April in the 3rd Final Phase. The winners will participate in the educational camp from which the students that will form the Greek National Teams will be selected.

Our successful candidates are:

A. Gymansium

  • Konstantinos Fragoulis
  • John Poulakos
  • Dimitris Balsis
  • Kassandra Andreou
  • Emmanuel Bouzoulas
  • Konstantinos Georgalas

B. Lyceum

  • Gerassimos Vallianatos
  • Markos Radaios
  • George Zorzos
  • Konstantinos Christakos
  • Lymberis George Karras
  • Michael Milionis

Our heartfelt congratulations and good luck in the final phase of the competition!