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Triumph for Pierce students at the Computer Science Competition: 7 of the 11 top places!

Eleven Pierce students (7 from the Lyceum and 4 from the Gymnasium) achieved all of the top places in the 1st phase of the 31st Panhellenic Student Computer Science Competition! Specifically:

Alexis Papadopoulos-Siountris won 1st place, Konstantinos Kritharidis won 4th place, Antonios Mandilaras came 5th, Dimitris Mostratos came 6th, Antonios Houris came 8th, Efstathios Karalekas came 9th and Andreas Demenagas came 11th. In addition, Kyriakos Stratakos ranked 20th, Konstantinos Spartalis 26th, Panagiotis Gkouvelis 27th and Pericles Dinos 123rd out of a total of 191 successful candidates.

Most of our school’s winners are members of the Pierce Computer Science Academy, which has been operating with great success since last year. See the winners here.

Congratulations and good luck in the next phase.