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97% success – triple the percentage of excellence!

With their outstanding performance on the Panhellenic examinations, Pierce Seniors 2020 confirmed the methodicalness, diligence and dedication to their goals and demonstrated the systematic and comprehensive daily preparation in the classroom by their teachers. With their admission into institutions of higher education and, indeed, top schools, Pierce graduates have taken the first important step towards achieving their goals.

97% succeeded in being admitted into institutions of higher education, six out of 10 have been admitted into schools in Athens and Piraeus, which is an important factor at a time when the cost of studying in another city and the health crisis causes problems for many families.

75% of those admitted succeeded in entering high-demand schools. More specifically:

  • 7 graduates have been admitted to Law schools (3 to Athens Law School and 4 to Law Schools outside of Athens),
  • 5 graduates have been admitted to Medical schools (3 to Athens Medical School, 2 to Medical Schools outside of Athens) and another 5 to Dentistry and Pharmacy Schools,
  • 30 graduates have been admitted to Polytechnic schools (13 to the National Technical University of Athens and the rest to Polytechnic Schools outside of Athens) and
  • 40 Pierce graduates will be studying in top Economics departments.



Congratulations to the graduating class of Pierce – The American College of Greece on their excellent performance and high grades on the Panhellenic Examinations. Despite the challenging circumstances of this school year, our graduates reached the top, with nearly triple the Panhellenic percentage of excellent grades (over 18,000 points)!

More than 35 graduates of 2020, taking advantage of the 50% scholarship on tuition fees enjoyed by Pierce graduates, chose to continue their studies at Deree – The American College of Greece, either full-time, or in the Parallel Studies program along with the public university into which they were admitted. At the same time, more than 20 Pierce graduates were accepted into top universities abroad and, most of them, with full or partial scholarships:

  • UK: University of Exeter (Law), Arts University Bournemouth (Model Making), University of Nottingham (Law), University of Reading (Biological Sciences, Fine Art, Business and Management), University of York (Music), University of Bristol (Biochemistry, Pharmacology), University of Kent (Law), University of Sheffield (Journalism), University of Surrey (Chemical Engineering)
  • USA: St. Olaf, Fordham University, Boston University
  • CANADA: Ryerson
  • ITALY: Bocconi (Business)
  • NETHERLANDS: Eindhoven University of Technology – TU/e (Electrical Engineering), Radboud (Biology)

Our students were prepared in the best way, attending classes both in the classroom as well as online and they studied with the ongoing support of our teachers. Upon the announcement of their grades, they see that their efforts being rewarded and their dreams coming true!

A percentage of 7.5% of this year’s candidates achieved over 18,000 points, which is nearly triple the corresponding national average (2.9%) and, at the same time, 54% of our candidates achieved over 15,000 points (with the corresponding national average at 23%).

In Modern Greek Language and Literature, History and Computer Science, our students achieved excellent scores (18 – 20) at a percentage of three times the national average, in a year when the subject on the Modern Greek Language and Literature exam was particularly difficult and, as a result, led to low grades.

On Ancient Greek and Economics, our students achieved excellent scores at a percentage that was 2.5 times the national average, while in Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry and Sociology, Pierce’s percentage of excellence was double the national average!

At the following link, you can see our students’ scores in all subjects, in comparison to the Panhellenic Average.

Excellence and distinctions are the reward for our students’ efforts and make all of us, both teachers and school Administration, particularly proud of their successes!