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“Together again!” the message of Pierce Orchestra and Choir!

This year’s special circumstances have affected even our Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, but not the members of the Pierce Choir and Orchestra, who found inspiration to sing and play music. They dedicated the song “Together again!” to the graduates of 2020, who said goodbye “without a hug,” as well as to A Gymnasium students who did not have the opportunity to make preparations for and joyfully take part in their own holiday celebrations.

The 24 members of the Choir and 4 members of the Orchestra (all 4 were A Gymnasium students) took part in the performance of this particularly moving song but, most of all, they gave us the joy of seeing their faces and singing all together once again!

We left, but had no time for even a hug
We left, we parted and scattered like bird feathers
All closed, even the door of joy, of song
and how can melodies be heard through a mask?

I do not mind how many forests of pixels I have to go through
on my screen I will keep looking until I find you again
And if the days and weeks keep us apart
I will erase the distance with the sweetest look

Listen to the song, hear the music,
Release the fear, make a start,
Listen here, catch the rhythm of the song I am singing
through the speakers

If the joyful voices are heard at the festival,
they will pave the way for all of us to meet again

I will be here, I will see you again and we will sing together again!