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The Pierce Fab Lab takes part in the European Program Erasmus+ “ASSESSMAKE”

The Pierce Fab Lab takes part in the European program Erasmus+ “ASSESSMAKE” and its aim is the development and application of a digital tool which will facilitate the assessment and the cultivation of 21st Century Skills.

The occupation of our students with projects and teaching scenarios which take place in construction labs like the Makerspaces and Fab Labs, gives them the opportunity to create robotic constructions, interactive programs, DIY electronic circuits etc. while at the same time encouraging reflection.

The combination of digital technologies and the appropriate educational methodologies encourages students to develop their creative skills, critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving skills which are considered to be necessary in the 21st century job market. The assessment of these skills is made in the Makerspaces and Fab Labs, where the activities are intense, multi-leveled and held both in the digital and the real world!

The provided assessment solutions and the open source supportive education material will be tried out in the Makerspaces within different learning frameworks in Ireland, Sweden, Greece (Pierce Fab Lab) and Cyprus before they become widely available free of charge.