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The Greek Drama Club of Pierce presents…

“All the relationships among human beings should be dialogue”
Augusto Boal (1931-2009)

During a year that was particularly trying for us all in multiple ways, The Greek Drama Club (GDC) delved into “The Theater of the Oppressed“! During the online meetings of the club, on Wednesdays and Fridays, and for the first time, the members of this club investigated the method of the Theater of the Oppressed and came in contact with some of the techniques, such as the Image Theater and the Newspaper Theater. You can follow the link to watch a small part of this creative endeavor (4 short films and a behind the scenes video).

The members of the Drama Club discussed a lot of issues dealing with daily life, current affairs and other modern topics that students can relate to, creating space for vital and meaningful conversation among the club members.

For a period of time, they, the students tried Boal’s exercises online and they came up with the ideas for the short stories that they would direct on stage when the schools opened. The circumstances lead to this new medium, Microsoft Teams, which became the new “stage” for the academic year.

The students separated into smaller teams and created improvisational material, based on the issues or the techniques that had been set.

The final selection of topics and directing belong to the teams of the students who participate. The scripts are written either individually, by one student, or they are the result of the synergy of a writing team.

On behalf of the Greek Drama Club, we hope you enjoy the students’ creations!