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The Annual Exhibition of the Photography Clubs is now an official event!

The students of the Pierce Photography Clubs displayed their work in the Gallery of the School, outstanding pictures that were taken by the members 9f the clubs. Most importantly though, th students learned to see the world from a different perspective and realized that “Photography is much more than a click on your mobile phone!”


The members of the Photography clubs, using instant camera – Polaroid, learned about composition, the “implied” lines all around us, and the aesthetics of our world. They did creative exercises and saw the school from a different point of view, flipped through photographic albums in the Library and wrote down their thoughts. At the amphitheater of our school, with the lights turned off, they did Light Painting and at the Digital Museum of Deree, they found old photos of the College.

They created unexpected combinations of shapes, themes, patterns, and ideas, while photographing, observing, and transforming! See their pictures:

Photography club