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Tammerkosken Lukio from Finland visits Pierce

The visit from Tammerkosken Lukio on April 22nd marked a new and exciting international collaboration for Pierce. Our students had been closely working throughout this academic year with students from Tammerkosken Lukio located in Tampere, Finland.

Students from both schools worked on group projects on the history, culture, and educational system of Greece and Finland. They presented their findings and had a meaningful exchange of knowledge and culture in our amphitheater. The presentations were not only informative but sparked genuine interest on both sides, fostering mutual understanding and shaping relational and global mindsets. The program was under the supervision of Mr. Petros Katsareas (Deputy Director) and Ms. Marilena Maniati (English teacher). Not only did students tour the school and Deree campus to admire the facilities but they were also able to gain a comprehensive understanding of Pierce’s history.

Next, students had the opportunity to get to know each other a little better and engage in meaningful conversation over lunch in the school’s lounge. Finally, our students said goodbye to their new Finnish friends having developed more knowledge, empathy, and a feeling of interconnectedness through this shared experience which will remain in their hearts forever.