1st ACGMUN is over! Ready for the 2nd ACGMUN

July 24, 2017

The Pierce MUN Club organized the first MUN Conference at Pierce (1st ACGMUN), from Friday, March 31 to Sunday, April 2, 2017 with huge success on the campus of the American College of Greece in Agia Paraskevi, taking full advantage of the College’s experience and tradition of organizing student conferences and events.

The Environment, Volunteerism, World Peace, Human Rights and Education were just a few of the subjects that featured in the Conference agenda. Overall, 270 students from schools in Greece, as well as from India, Bulgaria and Turkey took part, representing a total of 56 countries. The students worked in United Nations committees on specialized topics of international diplomacy, among which were disarmament, demobilization and rehabilitation of child soldiers, the reinforcement of education in war torn regions, the exploitation of marine resources and the banning of toxic waste disposal.

The MUN Club is one of the more than 60 student clubs at Pierce and it has taken an active part in conferences in Greece and abroad since 2013. This year’s successful organization by Pierce was built not only on the experience and the infrastructure but also on the School’s anthropocentric tradition, which has played such a decisive role in the humanitarian crises in modern Greek history.


MUN student conferences are a valuable experience for students, as they encourage students to be informed and to raise their awareness regarding important aspects of current affairs and to broaden their knowledge as tomorrow’s citizens of the world. At the same time, these conferences give students the opportunity to develop their speaking skills in debate and to hone their skills in diplomacy. They bring together students from all over the world, from different environments and countries.

It is a longstanding institution that has its roots in the 1920s. It offers students the unique opportunity to function as diplomats – delegates from different countries and to endeavor to find solutions to problems that concern the international community, from the point of view of each country .


The organization of the 1st ACGMUN has received the approval of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religion.

For further information, see the ACGMUN website.