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Scents and soaps by the Pierce Chemistry Club!

The benefits of aromatherapy are unquestionably numerous but creating your own, unique scent is invaluable! Members of the Pierce Chemistry Club went out into the garden and collected herbs and aromatic plants, grated orange and lemon rind, searched in their kitchen cupboards for spices, gathered essential oils and, following the process of extraction, distillation, filtration and experimentation, they came up with 5 series of men’s and women’s perfumes. Depending on each team’s preferences, the perfumes had intense notes of citrus, flowers, wood or spice.

The next challenge was to produce room fragrances! The now experienced “perfumers” of the Chemistry Club prepared room fragrances in sticks, filling the School with the scent of sandalwood, lemon, orange, gardenia and vanilla. However, these wonderful scents did not come only from the room fragrances, but also from the beautiful soaps created by the members of the club, traveling to the world of Chemistry and Cosmetics and getting to know, for the first time, the process of soap-making. They worked in teams and created handmade soaps of different shapes and colors, using olive oil as a base. They scented them with essential oils, they decorated them with natural materials and colors and created a large variety of products, such as soaps with lavender, jasmine, rose, cinnamon, basil, soaps with pumice stone, as well as bath balls.

The perfumes, room fragrances and soaps were sold at Open House 2019.