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Virtual company “Stushion” in ERT news

The virtual company “Stushion” of the Pierce Junior Achievement Club has qualified to the final ten of the Panhellenic Junior Achievement Competition, which took place online on May 8th. Sophia Zacharia, CEO of the company was invited to ERT news and described our students’ project.

Stushion” is designing and developing an orthosomatic pillow, a product made by students. Produced following extensive research, in collaboration with pioneering companies such as Coco-Mat and hospital departments (G. Gennimatas), it adjusts to the anthropometric characteristics of each user, thus protecting the health of his/her musculoskeletal system. In the Pierce “Makerspace,” under the guidance of the teachers of the Computer Science Department, the physical product was made and the required software was developed for the “prescription of right angles.”

Our students are preparing for the final round of the competition, having already acquired entrepreneurial skills and cultivated a culture of team collaboration.