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Qualification to final round of 1st Hellenic Economics Olympiad

Students of Pierce – The American College of Greece, Vlasia Vorria, Ioanna Georgopoulou and Alexandros Makantasis have qualified to the Final Round of the 1st Hellenic Economics Olympiad. On July 10, 2021, Vlasia and Alexandros took part in the final round of the Economic Olympiad and, in the link below, you can see the entire course of our students until they qualified for the Final.

The Economics Olympiad is an international Economics Knowledge Competition for Lyceum students in Greece and abroad and aspires to contribute to the further development of students’ skills and knowledge in the field of economics. It takes place every year in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia and, this year, it is being held for the first time in Greece, Hungary, the United Kingdom and other countries.

In Greece, the competition is being organized by the Center for Liberal Studies – Markos Dragoumis, in cooperation with the Institute of Economic Education (INEV) of the Czech Republic, the organizer of the International Economics Olympiad, with the approval of the Ministry of Education and Religion and the support of the Secretary General for Public Diplomacy and Greeks Abroad of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the schools of the Greek Diaspora, and the support of the Bank of Greece.

At the Final Round of the Economics Olympiad, those that qualify are the best 50 performances, which corresponds to 75 students (due to ties) from the regional round. The Final Round lasts one day and will take place after the Panhellenic Exams have been completed. It will include a written and an oral part. Following the evaluation of the written part, the 10 students with the highest scores will qualify for the oral examination before a panel of distinguished judges. In this examination, emphasis is placed on the contestants’ ability to process economics questions and to draw conclusions, drawing material from their knowledge of economics concepts and principles. Depending on the circumstances, there will be parallel events and media coverage.

The top three students in the Final Round will receive awards and money prizes, and all participants in the Final will receive Honorable Mention.