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Qualification to the next round of 1st Greek Economics Olympiad

Three Pierce C Lyceum students (Economics and Computer Science Orientation), Vlasia Vorria, Ioanna Georgopoulou and Alexandros Makantasis, qualified to the next round of the 1st Greek Economics Olympiad.

Due to the special circumstances, the competition took place online February 8-12 and the 2nd round will take place, also online, April 12 – 16. Our students responded exceptionally successfully to questions related to:

  • the basic concepts and history of economic thinking
  • supply and demand, the history of the market, state intervention in prices and competition, game theory
  • GDP and economic growth, money and financial policy, the budget, unemployment
  • international distribution of labor and the free market
  • current events in the Greek, European and world economy
  • interest rates and investments, financial products, insurance, inflation and the purchasing power of money

The Economics Olympiad is an international economics knowledge competition for high school students in Greece and abroad, and aims to contribute to further development of students’ skills and knowledge in the areas of economics and finance. It takes place every year in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and, this year for the first time, in Greece, Hungary, the United Kingdom and other countries.

In Greece, the competition is being organized by which was organized by KEFIM (Center for Liberal Studies – Markos Dragoumis), in collaboration with the Czech Institute for Economics Education, organizers of the International Economics Olympiad. The Economics Olympiad is being organized with the approval of the Ministry of Education and Religion, the support of the Secretary General for Public Diplomacy and Greeks Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece for the schools of Greeks Abroad, and the support of the Bank of Greece.