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Prom Special Edition: Distinctions, awards and best wishes for graduates of 2020!

On Tuesday, July 7, the Prom Special Edition, in honor of the graduating class of 2020, took place with great success. Due to the special circumstances this year, the event combined Award Night, Prom and musical presentations by student bands. The event took place at “Pyrgos Petreza,” where the essential conditions for the protection of public health (open space, distancing, and avoidance of crowding) were ensured.

Members of the Administration and Directorates of the College presented the awards, followed by the musical presentations by bands of graduating students. Then, in a festive atmosphere, the Prom began. The awards given are:

  • “Koralia Krokodilou” Award: Eleftheria Safarika
  • “Olga E. Julius” Award: Christopher Vogiatzis
  • Pierce IB DP Award: Panagiotis Benopoulos
  • “Flora Haniotou” Award: Maria-Ioanna Lilikaki
  • Smith Book Award: Marilena Hadjicosta (B Lyceum)
  • Greek “Sunny Days” Award: Maria Kontogianni
  • English “Sunny Days” Award: Aikaterini Bakella
  • Forensics Award: Christina Tsianaka
  • MUN Award: Christopher Vogiatzis
  • Drama Club Award: Christina Tsianaka
  • Orchestra Award: Dionysia-Eleni Varvarigou
  • “Minos Dounias” Choir Award: Christina-Maria Kotsiara
  • Artistic Contribution Award: Christopher Vogiatzis
  • Athletics Award: Iosif Koloveros

At the following link, you can see the Event Program.

Parents, teachers and members of the Administration always feel a special sense of pride for the achievements, the distinctions and the successes of our students and all those present promised to meet again at Pierce Commencement on Sunday, August 30, 2020.