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Pierce Young Business Talents team 2nd in the world!

Pierce’s Bellatrix team (Vasilis Delalis, Christanna Dionysopoulou and Ioannis Kafiris) came 2nd at the international final of the Young Business Talents student competition.

Our team, which won the national final, submitted its proposals for three financial years (production volume, pricing, vendor and dealer fees, advertising campaign, etc.) to the simulator and, through tough competition, managed to achieve profitability in all three years. This outcome gave our students second place (1st for Spain and 3rd for Italy).

Sincere congratulations to our graduates Vasilis, Christianna and Giannis (now freshmen at economics schools in Athens and Cardiff), who, after the final expressed their gratitude to the School, which – through the club- provided them with the opportunity to gain self-confidence and important skills, to have unique experiences and to achieve significant distinctions, both in Greek and in international competitions.

The faculty advisor of the YBT Club, Mr. George Papachristou, who accompanied and guided the team throughout their successful course, said that he feels very proud of his students, who made such a great effort during a particularly difficult year due to the exams. They achieved excellent results and today are studying at economics schools that were their first choice!