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The “diamonds” of Pierce young entrepreneurship on first page in the “Kathimerini” newspaper!

The Agro team (Pantelis Karasavvas, Theodore Protekdikos and Harris Seimanidis) won the preliminary round of the International Competition “The Diamond Challenge.” (See the Competition Program). The three students will travel to America (April 13-15) to represent our country and Pierce in the final round of the Competition at the University of Delaware.

In the Wednesday, February 27th issue of “Kathimerini,” the business idea of Pierce students that won 1st place was presented. Read the article here. Our students discussed their entrepreneurial idea, according to which misshapen fruits and vegetables that are not acceptable in the market can – instead of ending up in the rubbish heap – be used to good benefit and sold at a low price, through an electronic store, to people who want to save money, are interested in a healthy diet and are environmentally aware. The aim of the business is to find a solution to the problems caused by the rejection of these products, while also helping to eliminate poverty at the same time!

The proposal that won 2nd place is that of “Holding Lives,” an organization that fights for the significance of organ donation, aimed at raising awareness among citizens of the West. The team is made up of Pierce B Lyceum students Nicole Kapsi, Filio Gennaraki, Theodora Kachrimanidi and Andriana Kolosaka. Read the article about Holding Lives in the Athens Voice

Alex Mavridis, Pierce A Lyceum student participated in Diamond Challenge Pitch Event, his team “Telemedical” was also awarded and Alex was interviewed by Diamond Challenge blog. You can read the interview here.

The preliminary round of the Diamond Challenge challenge was held at Pierce on Saturday, February 9, 2019, and 11 student teams presented their ideas to a Panel of Judges. The theme was Social Innovation. This is the largest international Student Entrepreneurship program for high school students, with many countries from all around the world participating, under the auspices of the University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship and the Paul and Linda McConnell Entrepreneurship Initiative (

For this year, all of the entrepreneurial ideas of the teams took part in the Pierce Pitch Event, and dealt exclusively with the area of Social Innovation. In practical terms, this means that every idea must solve a social problem and make a positive contribution to people, society and the environment.