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Pierce students reforesting in Mandra Attikis

As part of the “Health and Environmental Education” class, a6 and a8 Gymnasium students took part in a symbolic tree-planting event involving 150 small trees of five different species: pines, oaks, Judas trees, carob and pistacia, in Mandra Attikis, which was hit by unprecedented floods on November 17, 2017. The environmental awareness-raising activity for Pierce students was organized in collaboration with “Olympia Odos.”

First the tree-planting space was determined. It had to be a public wooded area in order to receive the required approval. Then the digging began and the seedlings were purchased to be planted there. Also, provisions were made for the addition of fertilizer and for the watering needed at the end of the process. The shovels, hoes, gloves, hats and T-shirts with a tree and a human hand in place of the tree trunk, were also provided as part of the generous sponsorship by Olympia Odos.

Our students were informed by the Environmental Director, Mr. Kazantzopoulos, about the causes and consequences of the ecological destruction in the area of the Monastery of St. John, where the deadly torrent began in November 2017.

Finally, with the assistance of the volunteer environmental protection organization “Let’s do it Greece,” the students came to realize that a project has many participants and that, taking the initiative and working together, we can improve the future of this planet!

One project, many participants! Working together for the environment!