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Pierce students win 3rd place in “My Bioethics” competition

Pierce C Lyceum students, now alumnae, Maria Kollia (Athens Law School), Christina-Maria Kotsiara (Athens Medical School) and Fani Minaretzi (Engineering, Athens Polytechnic School) won 3rd place in the the Panhellenic Student CompetitionMy Bioethics.” with their project on the subject “To Live or Live Well”.

The competition was organized by the National Bioethics Commission and the Laboratory for the Research of Medical Law and Bioethics, part of the Law School at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on the subject of Bioethics. Our students chose to study the controversial social, ethical and religion dilemma of euthanasia, a subject that involves existential concerns and fundamental values. Their project was in the form of a novel, whose plot highlights this particular dilemma and presents the thoughts and feelings of a patient, a doctor and the patient’s relatives (a Member of Parliament and a deeply religious person).

Man is the answer, whatever the question is” (André Breton)

The projects were presented to an audience by the students themselves at a public, livestreamed, event.