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Three Pierce students in the final round of the Panhellenic Computer Science Competition!

All three Pierce students that took part in the 2nd phase of the 32nd Panhellenic Computer Science Competition passed and qualified to the final round of the Competition. The students are:

  • Anastasia Rokoma (6th place)
  • Dimitris Mostratos (16th place)
  • Konstantinos Kritharidis (40th place)

The announcement on the next, final phase of the competition is expected from the Organizing Committee.

In the previous (1st phase of the 32nd PCSC), 6 Pierce students had passed, all members of the Computer Programming Academy. They were: Konstantinos Kritharidis, Anastasia Rokoma, Dimitris Mostratos, Andreas Demenagas and Nikolaos Kakos of the Lyceum, and Gerasimos Vallianatos of the Gymnasium.

The Competition is organized by the Greek Computer Society, is conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and aims to cultivate computer education among the new generation of students.

At Pierce, students are aided in their efforts to take part in this Competition by the Computer Science Academy, which operates after school and is aimed at cultivating student talent in Computer Science through the development of algorithmic thinking skills and through solving problems in the C++ programming language.