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Pierce students participate in HMCE 2022

The HMCE 2022 online Conference took place from Friday 11/03 to Sunday 13/03. Pierce ACG was there with a delegation of thirteen B Lyceum students. Our students participated actively and enthusiastically in various domestic (House Intelligence, House Science, Space and Technology, the US Presidential Cabinet, Senate Foreign Relations) and international programs (European Union, Arab League).

Tassos Spanos Kapantonis won the Best Delegate award for his work in the House Intelligence Committee and Konstantinos Dimitroulis submitted one of the two speeches selected for the closing ceremony which he delivered before the HMCE assembly.

They followed Parliamentary Procedure, engaged in debate and caucuses, formed alliances, formulated and wrote bills, which in their majority were voted and passed in their respective committees! They spoke with confidence in front of their chairs and fellow delegates, having worked methodically to prepare for the conference throughout the year. They developed strategic thinking and made new friends.

All students reportedly enjoyed the event very much and returned to class having confidence in their ability as public speakers!